TexSoft is a modern, integrated software for the textile Industry to manage and control various activities.
The leading development team at HSR IT Solutions Pvt Ltd., has over 25+ years of combined experience in developing software and implementing IT for large textile manufacturing units in India.
TexSoft is deployed at multiple Textile Manufacturing units and Textile Trading companies.

TexSoft Features

Product Features
User defined Product info.
Inbuilt warp and weft patterns.
Automatic Management of Yarn Calculation(Single/multiple).
Technical specification for each product.Planning Features.
Planning Features
Co existence of ‘made to order’ and ‘made to stock’ scenarios.
Integrated demand plan : Taking care of existing orders/stocks.
Capacity booking and exception reports like overloading/under-loading.

Process Flow Features
Control Sequence of activities.
Multiple process flows for single activity.
Production parameters like speed, wastage, efficiency, elongation/shrinkage, lead time, queue time etc.
Warehouse and Inspection Features
Multi Level Stocking Patterns.
Labels, Reports.
Physical warehouse definitions.
Multiple Quality Levels related to goods, recheck, reject.
Damage analysis.

How TexSoft helps

TexSoft helps organization to manage/monitor various activities from customer requirement analysis to delivery of finished products.
Specially Designed for textile Industry with more than 25+ years of combined experience in textile Industry, which helps in quick installation, less training hours and time spent on customization.
Enhanced Material Management : Proper material planning helps to cut down the waste and reprocess.
TexSoft generates reports of Sales order, Stock order, Production order, Purchase order and Job order along with various MIS reports.
TexSoft facilitates several significant controlling functions, which are manually untraceable and saves money.